Mara Giacon
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Works from 1969 to 2022




Mara Giacon was born in Verona.

Her interest in painting dates back to her very early childhood.

After an initial autodidactic phase, she attended the studio of the artist DomenicoZangrandi,under whomshe acquired a deeper understanding of oil painting and the study of the human body.

She also dedicated herself to studying a number of graphics techniques such
as dry point and etching.

After an initial figurative period she went on to explore new forms of expression such as cubism and abstract art

She thus moved on to a second phase in which the human body took on a more abstract form. Since 1992 the main thrust of her work has been an untiring search for materials and the right balance between form and volume.

Content:Man, his experience, his strengths and weaknesses in a process of constant, ongoing analysis, transcending any intellectualism or fashion.